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        Welcome to Changzhou Major Medical Products Co.,Ltd. official website!

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        Add:Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, China

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        Successful Conclusion of 2018 MEDICA

        Date:27/11/2018    Hits:

        Dusseldorf, Germany "Dusseldorf international medical instrument and equipment exhibition" is world famous comprehensive medical exhibition,  recognized as the world's largest hospitals and medical equipment exhibition. With its irreplaceable scale and influence, it ranks first in the world medical trade exhibition. The exhibits include all the general categories of medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical communication information technology, medical furniture equipment, medical field construction technology, medical equipment management and so on.

        Major Medical has made sufficient preparations for the MEDICA exhibition. In addition to the five series of products such as conventional sterilized band-aid, sterilized dressing, anti-allergic medical tape, zinc oxide adhesive plaster and first-aid kit. Major Medical also developed a range of new products, including hydrocolloid patch, one-piece closed pocket, one-piece open pocket, two-piece closed pocket, two-piece open pocket, two-piece urinary ostomy pouch, silicone gel foam Cotton accessories, silicone gel tape, etc.

        The new products developed by Major Medical, such as closed pockets, open pockets, urinary ostomy bag, silicone gel products, etc

        The MEDICA exhibition attracted medical practitioners all over the world, our products have been welcomed by many participants. Hope we can use the MEDICA as a bridge to make our products into the world.


        Major mainly produced band-aid, dressing paste, medical tape, first aid bags and other five series.

        TEL:0086-051983831789    FAX:0086-051968020208
        Add: Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, CHINA

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