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        Medical Devices usher expansion opportunities

        Date:11/10/2014    Hits:
        State Food and Drug Administration recently issued 104 medical device industry standards (including mandatory standards 31, recommended standard 73) and the "silicone rubber surgical implants General requirements" and two medical device industry standard amendments. Some analysts believe the move will accelerate the development of China's medical device industry, and to promote the medical device industry mergers and acquisitions of listed companies to improve their competitiveness.
        This is the first time since the establishment of the promulgation of the General Administration of Medical Devices standards. Compared with the past, the first standard promulgated in this announcement bid to understand the basic standards applicable conditions and briefings, so that enrich the content of the announcement, to facilitate a more efficient control standard profiles and applications. This will not only improve the access threshold for the medical device industry, but also for centralized supervision of subsequent high-value consumables and other medical equipment, unified procurement foundation.
        Strategic emerging industries of medical devices industry is supported by the state, but also various types of industrial funds focus areas. Use of drugs and medical devices in developed countries the ratio is close to 1: 1, while the domestic is a far cry. Medium and long term, with the upgrading of residents consumption level and state of health to encourage social capital to do medical policies floor, as well as the needs of the majority of residents in various medical institutions for medical devices will gradually be released, the medical device industry, there is a great improvement space.
        According to reports, the current development of China's medical device industry is still small scattered state, high-end medical equipment market has long been Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, GE, Philips and other international medical equipment giants occupy a larger product import substitution market space.

        Major mainly produced band-aid, dressing paste, medical tape, first aid bags and other five series.

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        Add: Beiyang Hexi, Zouqu Town, Changzhou City Jiangsu Province, CHINA

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